Doorways: HMoF - Act 3 and Final Release Confirmed!
The final release of Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh has been confirmed for August 10th (Wednesday). This one includes the third and final Act: 'The Temple'
Check the screenshots RIGHT HERE!
Doorways: HMoF - Act 2: The Mansion is Available NOW!
We're glad to announce that the Second Act of the game: The Mansion is available to play RIGHT NOW!
2015 recap and what's coming in 2016. Click on the image!
Chapter 4 is Available Now as Early Access!
The final chapter is available at Steam Early Access.
Check it at the store and leave us your feedback!
Chapter 4 Early Access Teaser Video!
The final chapter is coming to Steam Early Access on August 20th.
Check out the new teaser video!